Hopefully you have a Facebook account and you’ve activated the free Facebook store that comes with every instance of PinnacleCart. Also, be sure to activate the social media tools that come with your cart to encourage sharing on all major social networks (including Facebook). But what do you do after that? Well, you start using Facebook, intelligently. Your goal is to use it to generate traffic and sales without coming off as too self-promotional. To do this, you need to make sure every post you create has images and be sure to make them big. Facebook posts with images get around 120% more engagement than posts with no images. If possible, make sure the image is self-explanatory. If you’re using product images, consider overlaying some text on the image to give it more context.

Looking for more likes? You can get 42% more by offering coupons or discounts.

Encourage engagement by asking questions. Make the questions short, witty and intriguing and be sure to keep your readership in mind when generating them.

Another great idea is to share lifestyle or how-to blog articles that are directly related to the product you sell. The truth is Facebook fans are not there to learn about your product, they go to your website for that. Too many business just post products or sales on Facebook and while you should do this periodically, your posts should also center on how your products create an enticing lifestyle or enhance an existing one.

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