Whether you run an e-commerce site or a lead generation website, being able to accurately track where your sales/enquiries are coming from is essential.

The best way to track conversions whether somebody has filled in a contact form or ordered a product is to have a thank you page. For example: http://www.yourwebsite.com/thankyou.htm

For example if a user is filling in a contact form and the fields are completed, once they press submit the user should be redirected to the Thank You URL. This will ensure that the source of lead is accurately tracked in your analytics package. This will give you information on which keyword or referral site that sent the conversion. This will also ensure that conversions are not double counted, as can be the case when using the event tracking to track conversions.

In Google Analytics you can set up goals to track conversions and the goal URL should be your Thank You URL, so that when a user lands on this page a conversion is recorded.

Without having a thank you page in place with Google Analytics code in the HTML or conversion tracking code in place then being able attribute the source of lead is only guesswork.

Having a Thank You page in place also means that you can say thank you to your customers or confirm that an enquiry or order has been received. You can also confirm when you will respond to the enquiry or when the order will be dispatched.

Having a Thank You URL in place on your site makes it a lot easier to track the source of lead for conversions taking place on your site, so that you can focus your efforts on developing the channels and in the case of SEO and PPC the specific keywords that are sending you leads and sales.

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