Content is king. It is one of the most fundamental aspects of any kind of online presence, without good content you’re unlikely to have a good website.

But what is content? How do you define it? What does it actually do? Well, on a fundamental level – it’s the text seen by visitors to your site. But it also includes infographics, whitepapers and much more. Different types of content perform different functions, for example onsite content is valuable for SEO.

Creating good SEO content, which is optimised for keywords you want your site to rank for in search engines, is one of the most crucial services ThoughtShift perform – as it entails a blend of technical knowledge and creative ability to write engaging and informative web copy that is also effective in boosting a websites reputation.

Onsite content creation is a delicate balance that forms an important part of our SEO marketing services. Along with web copy, blogs form an important part of onsite content. Writing informative and entertaining blogs on a regular basis makes your site a resource of information for anyone interested in your area of specialisation – something visitors will remember and return to. Blogs also play a valuable role in SEO, as the “freshness” of your site is a way many popular search engines determine relevancy.

Offsite content is important too, there are a lot of different content hubs that short pieces of content such as articles, infographics and presentations can be shared and promoted. The content on authoritative domains containing an SEO link adds to the value of your site – and promotes your areas of specialisation in places where potential visitors are active.

Of course, good content needs a good strategy. This, once again, requires a blend of technical knowledge – to determine the best and most effective platforms to share content – and a creative edge – to ensure content ideas are of a high-quality, are useful and engaging for the user.

Here at ThoughtShift the team offer thorough research and development of content architecture for new websites, so as to offer the most effective launch possible. This includes audience research, developing brand tone and planning for social media presences – a methodical approach that yields effective results.

Be sure to keep an eye on the ThoughtShift Blog for the latest news, updates and information about the world of digital marketing. If you have any questions, or you would like to know more – please feel free contact us.

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