Incomplete (also known as abandoned) shopping carts represent a significant percentage of overall E-Commerce activity. 69% of all shopping carts initiated by website visitors end up abandoned. Think of the additional revenue your store could be generating if you could convert even a small portion of the abandoned cart sales! While it is impossible to uncover every reason why a cart ends up in an abandoned state, Pinnacle Cart gives you the ability to turn those lost customers into sales using our “Drift Marketing” feature.

What is Drift Marketing? The crack engineering team here at Pinnacle devised this revenue capturing feature as yet another weapon in a store owner’s marketing arsenal. Simply, it’s a tool that prompts users to come back to your store and complete their order. Using email, Pinnacle Cart will contact customers who abandon their carts reminding customers to come back and complete their purchase. Every email is completely customizable and includes a link back to their cart with all contents.

You select the time intervals and create the content. Your message can also include a promotional code to offer your customers a discount on this purchase, future purchases or on your entire online store. How you design your Drift Marketing Campaign is entirely up to you.

Looking for some great abandoned cart emails? Check these out.

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