Our latest version, 3.7.8 r.800 is out and ready for action. While this release is primarily focused on bug fixes and updates to various systems within the application, we have added a few new features including the PayLeap payment gateway. To update your cart, login to the control panel of your cart and click the update link found directly under your sales graph data.

As always, we STRONGLY recommend you create a back-up of your cart before applying any updates. Also, please use caution when attempting to update a live store as updates have the potential to affect some customizations. If you have ANY questions, please give a call to our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team at 800-506-0398.

For detailed information about this release, direct your browser to http://www.cartmanual.com/update-378-R800.shtml

Thank you for being a valued Pinnacle Cart customer!

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