How to Display Your Instagram Handle on Business Cards

These days, you’re far more likely to have someone ask you “Do you have Instagram?” than “Do you have a business card?” But business cards remain an easy way to share information with people you meet on the fly, whether that’s at networking events, conferences, or coworking spaces.

“Business cards are exactly that—business—while social media is, you guessed it: social. Letting someone see your daily life cultivates the all-important ‘know, like, trust’ factor we all need to succeed in business,” says Kelsey Formost, a freelance copywriter. 

Not everyone is ready to use your services or buy from you straight away, in which case combining both social and business when you connect with people can be a great way to build trust until they are ready to buy. Not to mention, it’s smart if you’re looking to grow your social media following.

Including your Instagram information on your business card not only gives people a way to stay in touch, but it grows your brand presence and aids your Instagram marketing strategy

Why should you put your Instagram on a business card? 

Business cards have evolved with the way we communicate. In the past, it was best practice for bloggers, creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs to include a website URL, email address, and phone number. But the growing popularity of social media means it’s becoming increasingly common to share social handles too. 

If you haven’t already, here’s what putting your Instagram details on your business card can do for you: 

  • Build relationships. Connecting with people on social media gives them the chance to see what you get up to on a daily basis and form working relationships or even friendships.
  • Connect with warm prospects. Stay in touch with people who aren’t yet ready to buy from you. 
  • Increase brand recognition. Showing up on someone’s social feed every day can have a huge impact on brand awareness, leading them to share your information with their friends, family, and colleagues
  • Grow your social following. Obviously, the more Instagram followers you have, the more people you can reach. 
  • Build trust and credibility. People can see that you have a decent social following, and showing up consistently builds the “know, like, trust” factor.
  • Put a face to a name. Having an inside peek into someone’s life or business creates a more human connection. 

How creators can show their Instagram handle on a business card

Business cards are an opportunity to show off your brand, but what’s the best way to include your Instagram handle? Here are some creative ideas from real-life brands. 

1. Display just your Instagram handle

Most people today know how Instagram works. Instead of adding a lengthy URL, simply put a handle that people can search. 

This brand uses the same handle for its email, URL, and Instagram account, making it super simple to pop it on their business card and let the design do the talking. 

2. Include the Instagram icon and your username

Placing the Instagram logo alongside your handle helps recipients know exactly what social media platform you’re talking about—particularly handy today when there are plenty to contend with. 

Shuyue opts for a simple business card design with just the logo on the front and three points of contact on the back—Instagram included. The addition of the Instagram logo lets recipients know what platform they can connect with Shuyue on. 

Messy Kitchen Baking Co adds more information to its business card but still uses the simple handle format to showcase its Instagram account. The Instagram logo and @ sign help recipients know what platform the information is for. 

Business owner Stacia Guzzo has the same handle for both her Facebook and Instagram accounts, which she showcases with the platform logos and company name. Instead of including just her handle, she provides the URL in case people want to search that way. 

3. Display your full URL 

Directing people to a URL leaves little room for error—they can type it directly into their browser and get taken straight to your profile without any distractions. 

While you can’t technically click on a link on a business card, displaying the full URL makes sure people find your Instagram account easily. All Tomorrow’s Pixels features all of its social accounts in a URL format. 

Kash of the Budget Traveller does the same, showcasing the full URLs of his social accounts alongside other contact information, like email and Skype. 

4. Use a QR code

QR codes are scannable bar codes that link to a specific page. Instagram lets its users create their own unique QR code that you can print onto a business card and encourage people you meet to scan. 

Glory Collective UK simplifies its business cards by adding just an Instagram QR code. It adds an incentive at the bottom with the promise of a discount at checkout. 

Crafty Honey Bee Designs does a similar thing by only including an Instagram QR on its business card, leaving recipients no other way to get in touch. 

How to find your Instagram QR code:

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Click QR Code. 

Bonus: Replicate your Instagram profile on your business card

Give people a sneak peek of your Instagram profile by including a screenshot of it on your actual business card—basically, turning your business card into a printed physical version of your account.

Bonitarebel uses darkmode to showcase the top part of its Instagram profile that includes a brief bio about the brand. 

Bari Mitzmann uses Instagram’s familiar layout to provide her contact information and other details about her business. She uses the profile picture to show her face, and the Highlights icons to discuss what she does, before going on to include other information, like her website URL and email address. 

Lagom Body Co. and Fiorella Soapery both screenshot their Instagram profiles to include on their business cards. They also add the top line of images, which helps solidify branding and adds another layer of information about what they do. 

Creative business cards: How to design your business card  

  • Tap into tools. Leverage design tools like Photoshop (paid) or Canva (free and paid versions) to add social media icons to your business card and lay out your design to show off your branding. Canva even has a library of business card templates you can use to spark your inspiration.
  • Remember branding is everything. Make sure you use your brand colors, fonts, and imagery to create a connection between your business card and Instagram account.
  • Leave white space. Keep it simple by including lots of white space so that the recipient’s eye is automatically drawn to your Instagram details. 
  • Emphasize the most important elements. You don’t have to include every single way people can contact you. Instead, consider what information is most relevant and use that to encourage recipients to take the journey you want them to take. 
  • Consider the shape and material. Business cards don’t have to be a traditional rectangular shape. Printing companies today offer all sorts of variations, from circular cards to fabric material and everything in between. Be sure to choose a business card type that matches your brand, though! 

Business cards as part of your social media marketing

Social media might be the new business card, but as places start opening and more events start taking place in person again, business cards can be a great way to stay memorable. Use them as a way to advertise your Instagram account if that’s where you want to drive people, especially if your goal is affiliate marketing or driving sales through your channel. And, if this is your main aim, limit the other information on your card so that people only have one option—to check out your Instagram. 

Keep your business card and Instagram connected to avoid any confusion when a recipient goes to your profile. And, if you’ve recently been to an event where you handed out a lot of business cards, make sure your Insta is fresh and up to date. You can even name drop the event in your Stories or in an Instagram post to welcome any new followers you’ve gained from it. 

Business cards aren’t outdated. They evolved with the times and are a great way to bridge your online and offline marketing. In-person meetings spark a human connection, while social media keeps building on that relationship. 

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