Shop Tests Search to Improve Brand Rediscovery, Available To Eligible Merchants In Beta

Every feature in Shop’s ecosystem is developed to support a seamless shopping journey and help merchants build lasting relationships with their customers. For the past year, Shop has helped Shopify merchants provide better customer service from cart to home with Shop Pay’s accelerated checkout and automatic order tracking. Shop has also helped customers rediscover merchants with in-app recommendations. For merchants, that means higher repeat purchase rates. In addition, our latest innovation, Shop search, will further advance brand rediscovery and loyalty within the Shop app. In the spirit of redefining the future of commerce together, Shop search is first available exclusively to eligible Shopify merchants in beta to test its functionality.  

What makes Shop’s search feature different is that it prioritizes existing customer–merchant relationships. When a shopper searches for a product on Shop, they’ll see their loyalty results at the top of their list. Loyalty results are relevant products from brands they’ve already purchased from or follow in the Shop app. That’s why we call Shop search a brand-first discovery tool. It supports loyalty by helping shoppers discover more about the brands they already shop from and engage with. We’re helping merchants surface new and lesser-known products to their existing customers to increase brand awareness and loyalty. 

If a customer doesn’t find what they’re looking for in their loyalty results, they can toggle over to their discovery results. Discovery results are relevant products from other Shopify merchants eligible for search on the Shop app. Discovery results are mutually beneficial for Shop users and merchants. They help Shop users discover new independent merchants. And they introduce Shopify merchants to Shop’s audience of ~24 million engaged shoppers—at moments of high purchase intent. 

We’re constantly testing and learning, and our hope is to build Shop search with our merchants to create the best brand-first discovery tool for their business. That’s why Shop search is exclusively available to eligible Shopify merchants to test and share their feedback during this beta stage, before it’s available to consumers. Shopify merchants who want to participate can check their eligibility status on the settings page of the Shop channel and find access instructions on the overview page.