‘Stuck’ in Paradise

I didn't mind being 'stuck' here for a while…

“Lose yourself and find the key to paradise…” –Jimmy Buffett

Cyclone season was soon upon us, so I relaxed into knowing we were too north for cyclones and shouldn’t be heading anywhere south or west for a while. We came upon a bay with a long righthander and a hollower left. There was a vacant copra platform perfect for yoga, a shower spigot by the quay with potable water, mountains to roam, a waterfall cascading into the sea, and hardly anyone around. We surfed and bodysurfed and longboarded. We fished in the nearby waters, jumped off the rock cliffs, and made fast friends with the local kids. Raiarii went off hunting for wild pig and goat with local hunters, while I enjoyed mornings in the galley after a surf, making fresh juices, jams, homemade granola, sprouts, yogurt, bread, or baked goodies (we finally got the part for the oven!) We’d often build a fire to cook over and watch the goat family descend from the hills to graze by the sea in the late afternoon. Grateful to stumble upon this heavenly paradise, I felt whole and peaceful and fortified by nature’s endless blessings. We rigged a hammock on the bow from an old piece of sail. I’d lie there after dinner, dazed by the zillion tiny lights moving slowly across the night sky.

Algae grew thick on the anchor lines, and soon Swell had adopted a little ocean ecosystem in the shade of her underbody. Mini shrimps, crabs, algae, hatchling fishes, a seahorse, turning bait balls, passing tuna schools, and a roaming manta ray family made us feel warmly received in our exceptional temporary home.

…my yoga palace (copra stoage)…shower down by the rocks on the left…

My best beach buddies, Mo'u and Mohina.

We'd conserve cooking gas and hang out in the dirt. The smell of fire, breaking wood, cooking in the open air…so good for the soul! Blight even taught us how to start a fire without matches!

When we couldn't eat all the fruit we found or were given, I'd make fresh juices or homemade jams.

Morning swim with a resident manta.